"I don’t run from monsters. They run from me."
Once Upon a Time, 3x12 “New York City Serenade”



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Captain Swan + the endless Snowing Parallels

With all the incredible, and blatantly OBVIOUS parallels between Snowing and CS, it still blows my mind that some people refuse to admit that CS is canon, and that they were MEANT TO BE TOGETHER from the very freaking beginning! Not because the fans said so, but because the man himself, ADAM HOROWITZ (you know, the guy who WROTE THE STORY) said so!


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Everything about him suggested valor and power and a firm handshake” 

the hunger games + close ups - suggested by astonishes
the hunger games + close ups - suggested by astonishes

Hold my hand, I hear ghosts calling
Help me stand, Even if the sky is falling
And I want you to know I can’t do it alone
Hold my hand, my hand, my hand

“In fact, my soul and yours are the same,
You appear in me, I in you,
We hide in each other.”

killian jones appreciation week
day one: favourite persona |pirate


tvd meme:


  •  3/5 Episodes; Bloodlines
↪ ”I was right about Mystic Falls. There is evil here. I can sense it. Feel it. It’s everywhere.”